Webinar slides: ‘Public Procurement Preparedness for Future Crises-International Learnings from Covid-19’

Last Tuesday we organised our third and last MaSSC (Material Supply Strategies in a Crisis) webinar: ‘Public Procurement Preparedness for Future Crises-International Learnings from Covid-19’. During this webinar we discuss the lessons we learned from interviewing 45 experts from 33 different countries, with regard to their future perspective on public procurement strategies. Which structures and strategies turned out to be (in)successful, and especially: what can healthcare organisations and countries do to purchase more effectively and be more in control in a next crisis? 
We found that whereas future perspectives are diverse, the type of procurement challenges countries experienced during COVID-19 can be divided in five different clusters. Therefore, we zoomed in on how countries with similar challenges can learn from each others diverse future approaches, taking into account both external (wealth, geographic location) and internal (procurement strength) factors. We also elaborated on the overarching lessons learned, and shortly discussed the implications for the Dutch healthcare system.

The full presentation is available here.