About PPRC

PPRC is a social enterprise. Developing and distributing knowledge about public procurement is our mission. Our researchers combine scientific ambitions with practice related research: we publish, both practice-based and scientific, about public procurement.

Practice related research activities include public procurement research for governments, institutions and individual companies. The revenues from these projects flow to scientific research. Through this way, our employees have the opportunity to obtain a PhD in a public procurement related field of their choice.

Scientific research

as a catalyst for effective public procurement in practice

Public procurement research

Towards effective and efficient purchasing systems

Employees at PPRC work on innovative solutions to tackle the inefficiency and undesirable consequences of unoptimised public procurement, which can cause a significant impediment for solving (global) societal challenges.

Fundamental aspects of our society, that directly or indirectly shape the daily lives of citizens, have to be organised via public procurement procedures. Taxes paid by society and other forms of governmental income (including development aid) need to be spend is such a way that societal impact is optimized. In a world full of political interests, increasing strains on public budgets, decentralisations and a legal jumble of public procurement laws and regulations, scientific public procurement research is highly needed to reap the societal benefits intended by government bodies.

PPRC employees all have an appointment, as lecturer or external doctoral candidate, at either / or the universities of Twente and Utrecht.

PPRC is regularly present at (international) conferences to spread and absorb novelties within the field of public procurement. Moreover, our graduate positions give students who are in the last phase of their studies the opportunity to explore working within the field of public procurement (research).