The Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre of Utrecht University and the University of Twente. PPRC operates in the field of contracting and procurement in the public sector.

Its aim is to generate knowledge and apply this knowledge to improve the utilisation, regulation, promotion and social use of public procurement.


The researchers at the Public Procurement Research Centre work on interdisciplinary scientific research projects but also execute commissioned research. Assignments come from a variety of organisations in the public and private sector.

In addition, PPRC focuses on providing advice on the basis of an interdisciplinary – legal, business and public administration – approach. Where an interdisciplinary approach is not required, PPRC also performs purely legal or purely procurement studies and consultancy assignments.

The knowledge acquired is made available to a wider audience using various forms of education and training for professionals: training sessions, courses, in-company courses and webinars.


PPRC has conducted research for, and provided advice to the Dutch Ministries of Defence, the Interior, Security and Justice, as well as to the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the National Police of the Netherlands, (combinations of ) municipalities and water authorities, the Netherlands Institute for Physical Security (IFV), the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), confederations of constructors in other EU countries, various law firms, several international corporations and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl).

In that context we analysed different topics, such as the economic and legal aspects of award methodologies, past and present performance, forms of procurement in the defence and security sector, in-house constructions and other forms of public cooperation, issues related to integrity and corruption, methods to distribute limited public rights, and questions concerning the MEAT (most economically advantageous tender) criteria in relation to the use of social procurement and social return. Currently, we are investigating methods of results-oriented purchasing and commissioning in the social domain (Dutch Social Support Act, youth care, debt rescheduling).


PPRC is led by prof. mr. E. R. (Elisabetta) Manunza, Professor of European and International Procurement Law (Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance, Utrecht University) and prof. dr. J. (Jan) Telgen, Professor of Operations Research and Purchasing Management (School of Management and Governance, University of Twente). PPRC comprises seven researchers with a legal or business/public administration background.