PPRC supports Public-Private Partnership capacity building in Bhutan

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Schermafbeelding 2019-08-06 om 09.36.33PPRC supports PPP capacity building in Bhutan 

PPRC provided a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) capacity building project for the Ministry of Finance in Bhutan. PPRC consultants Madelon Wind, Dr. Frederik Vos and Prof. Dr. Jan Telgen offered two workshops in Bhutan and one in the Netherlands for selected government officials.

Two workshops in Bhutan, one in The Netherlands

The first 5-day workshop in Bhutan focused on fundamentals of PPPs, such as definitions, risk distributions and basics of the PPP cycle. The second 5-day workshop trained officials with hands-on experience, including real-life cases and training in PPP-cycle activities. In the third workshop, the participants visited the Netherlands and learned from practice and experiences from successful PPP projects in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Key capacity developed during the project – walking through the PPP cycle

  • Project screening and assessment
  • Financial and economic analysis of the project
  • Value for Money assessment of the project
  • Risk allocation and analysis
  • PPP Contract negotiation
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Insights in PPP projects in other countries by gaining exposure

The project envisaged to enhance the government’s skills and knowledge in selecting, implementing and monitoring viable and sustainable PPP projects. The project helps towards achieving sustainable economic development in Bhutan.